Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29

I was surprised to find another new one today

Another allium

The baby birds are still with us, but I'm not sure they will stay here much longer

This morning, one of the parents was in the nest with them

This afternoon they were by themselves

And they're beginning to look a little more sleek with feathers more filled out

When I checked this evening, the parents had not returned to the nest; but then I saw them both up on a wire keeping an eye on it.


jini said...

this is pretty strange jim. we have lived here for 19 years and never ever seen a dove in our yard. today there is a pair busily flying back and forth between trees and garden, but mostly to a tall evergreen where we suspect they may be building a nest. did you send them???

Jim said...

It could be, jini. They are gone - they left Tuesday or Wednesday. I wouldn't think they'd want to build another nest so soon; but who knows about birds?