Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 28

We finally got a new bloom today. Marie thinks there may be only eight to ten left for the season, and she's busy planning for more late bloomers for next year.

Clethra (Hummingbird)

There are also more bird pictures

In the morning, the adult seemed to be giving the chicks more room

By the afternoon, the adult was leaving the next for a while (I scared it off once, but it came back later - I wasn't very close to the nest and I think that it's just getting ready for the chicks to be on their own. Or, more likely, it had been extremely brave when sitting on the eggs and protecting the new-hatched chicks and doesn't have to be brave any more).

One chick seems quite brave.

The other one, not so much

The adult bird kept an eye on things.

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