Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27

There haven't been any new flowers for a few days - the season is definitely slowing down. On the other hand, we do have some new baby birds.

We think that mourning doves built this nest on the pergola last year, and some robins used it earlier this summer. A few days after the robins left - their mission accomplished with new babies gone off on their own - we saw a mourning dove in the nest. Recycling, we hoped; but the bird just sat there for days and days. Unlike the robin pair who exchanged places regularly and dive bombed us if we got too close, this bird just sat motionless. It didn't even turn its head that I ever saw. We never saw a bird exchange, nor did we know if there was a second bird.

This morning as she got to the garage to go to work, Marie noticed baby birds in the nest and called me on her cell phone to let me know.

I could see them, but I couldn't get a good picture because of all the thorny rose branches.

I had to go under the pergola - isn't s/he cute.

There are at least two - the second one is more shy

Click on the pictures to get a closer view - I'll keep checking them and post pictures if anything exciting happens.


jini said...

very sweet pictures jim. i am impressed that you got that close to the nest.....they look quite unruffled. the close-up of the little guy with the fringes....maybe eyelashes is perfect!
i hope you keep reporting, and maybe you'll get to see them fledge.

Jim said...

I was probably 4 or 5 feet away, jini. My new camera has a 12X telephoto so I can get good close-up views. Also, I was screened by the branches and the pergola so they may not have felt too threatened.